Texas A&M University
 New Student Employee Orientation

What is New Student Employee Orientation?

Pen & Paper New Student Employee Orientation reviews your rights and responsibilities as an employee of Texas A&M University and the State of Texas. It is the responsibility of the Student Employment Office in Scholarships & Financial Aid to ensure that all Texas A&M student employees receive this information.

All TAMU faculty and staff must complete this type of session. The policies protect all TAMU employees: part-time and full-time. All University employees must adhere to the ethical standards and policies outlined by the University.

Unless there is a change in System policy, New Employee Orientation is required only once, dating August 1996 or later.

Other Development Workshops Offered by the SEO

In addition to New Student Employee Orientation, there are currently nine development workshops for student employees including: Workplace Etiquette, Telephone Courtesy, Preventing Sexual Harassment, Preparing for the Global Workplace, Finding A Balance, Controlling Anger and Angry People, Business Communication, Quality Customer Service and Presentation Skills. For registration and more information, please visit the Training & Workshops section of our Employment web page (https://sfaid.tamu.edu/workshops/Workshop.aspx?View=Students).

On-line Orientation

Our on-line Orientation provides vital information for all TAMU student employees. You will be asked to read information from each policy and answer questions to check your understanding. Additionally, a blue link to each policy in-full is provided at the top of each page. At the end of the session, you will be prompted to provide some basic personal data. After that, please print the confirmation page twice. One copy should be given to your employer and the other should be kept for your own records. If you change jobs on campus, you will be required to provide proof of Orientation.

To proceed with on-line Orientation, please click the button below.