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Gift Agreements
In order to log on to the Scholarship On-Line Account Review (SOLAR), all users must have a NetID and password. All users' identity will be authenticated each time access to the system is requested. SOLAR users are required to log off of the system at the end of their session and each time during which they will be away from their workstation for an extended period of time. If a user is unknowingly locked out of his/her account, or suspects any unauthorized access to SOLAR, they must immediately report the incident to the Scholarships & Financial Aid. All security concerns will be investigated.

I understand that I will be violating Texas A&M System Rules and Regulations and State and Federal law if I gain or help others gain unauthorized access to SOLAR. I acknowledge that neither I, nor anyone else, possess the authority to allow others to use my Net ID and password to access this system. Furthermore, I understand that the information I have access to view may be confidential in nature. I will protect this information and I will use this information only for official University business and within my scope of responsibility; to do so would be a violation of confidentiality and security agreements.

I have read, understand, and acknowledge receipt of the intended use of SOLAR. I will comply with the expectations set out in this policy and understand that failure to do so may result in disciplinary and/or legal action.

Aggie Code of Honor: An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do.

If you do not have access and have a legitimate business purpose for SOLAR use and would like to request it, please contact the Scholarships & Financial Aid office by email (